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Dr. Dain Wahl


Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care way of practicing medicine.

The Direct Primary Care model takes the insurance companies and government out of the doctor-patient relationship. It brings back the old time personable approach to medical care with a doctor who gets to know you and spend time working with you on your health. It gives you direct access to the doctor by phone, text or email. Your medical records are private and you decide with whom your records are shared.

A DPC practice might be right for you if:

  • You want a doctor to pay attention to you instead of a computer.

  • You want to see the same doctor instead of another doctor or nurse practitioner in the office.

  • You need to be seen the same or next day for urgent matters.

  • You need a joint injection, breathing treatment or simple stitches but don't want to incur the cost of an ER visit.

  • You want quality medical care from someone who cares about you and your health.

  • You are tired of all the red tape that current insurance companies impose.

DPC is cost effective and efficient. There is a monthly fee that covers all the services that I provide. Anything ordered - X-rays, lab work, pathology samples - are paid for at cost. For example, if you need stitches, you come into the office and I stitch you up. No extra charge. It is covered in your monthly fee, even if it is after hours. If you need a minor skin biopsy, the only charge will be the pathology charge that the outside pathologist charges. No extra charges for the procedure or handling of the specimen from me. Our main focus will be managing any long term medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes as well as focusing on disease prevention/wellness. We will discuss diet, exercise, immunizations, screening tests and other ways to keep you healthy.

Appointments are 30 and 60 minutes long. No rushing or time pressure. The office will be a relaxed, welcoming space. Feel free to schedule a free "meet and greet" to learn more. We are in the office 8-4 Monday through Friday.

More Info

Direct Primary Care reestablishes the doctor-patient relationship by taking insurance companies and the government out. DPC practices do not accept insurance. There is a monthly fee that covers all aspects of your primary care. Yearly exams and routine visits are covered. Simple stitches or basic wound care- covered by monthly fee. Breathing treatments- covered. Joint injections- covered. Minor skin biopsies and skin procedures- yes, also covered by monthly fee. Labs, X-rays, and pathology fees are preset and at-cost. Appointments are 30 to 60 minutes. I will do my best to be like an old country doctor in a big city setting. I deliver personalized, quality Internal Medicine in a relaxed office setting. I take a "whole person" approach to your health and well being. Call or schedule a free "meet and greet" to learn more.


Cost: $65.00 a month per patient. $120.00 per couple. No registration fees. No contracts. Automatic billing is available.